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RTS Computing

RTS Computing provides a complete Laptop and PC repair service that offers competive rates for all types of hardware.
Servicing your equipment is our main priority. Some of the more common repairs we at RTS Computing deal with are:

  • Not starting or booting into Windows.
  • Windows freezing or running slowly.
  • Virus removal and data recovery.
  • Network troubleshooting and setup.
RTS Computing
Hardware Upgrades

While upgrading your entire system is normally an expensive affair, there are cheaper ways to minimize system performance lag.

Replacing one or two components, especially the oldest part or the one we determine as causing a bottleneck, can provide impressive performance improvements whilst remaining cost effective.

RTS Computing
Custom Built Computers

Custom built computer PC specialist. RTS Computing can custom build a full range of everyday budget computers, multimedia computers, business workstations, Windows based servers and performance gaming tower computers.

If you are looking for a selection of products, customization, and excellent technology at a reasonable price, RTS Computing is your best choice.

RTS Computing
Software Service

Our technicians will fully service your computer. This includes anti-virus protection, spy-ware removal, Windows Updates & general file system & hard drive clean up and defragging.

Unlike most companies, we don't wipe your system, deleting all your files and photos. Instead, our technicians take the time to actually fix the problem and remove any malicious software completely.

RTS Computing
Hardware Service

Even great PCs can be dragged down by performance-choking dirt. Perhaps the most serious dirt-related threat to your PC is dust in the fans. Dust constantly gets sucked inside the case. If dust buildup goes unchecked, the fans may significantly slow down or fail completely.

This can lead to serious overheating inside the case, which can cause component failure and, ultimately, data loss. Our technicians will open the case and clean out the inside of your computer.

RTS Computing
Software Reloads

This is ideal for clients who require a fresh reload of software but can't provide all relevant software disks. Our technicians will format your computer and reinstall your previous operating system.

This advanced service includes the time involved in sourcing correct software drivers which have not been provided. This also includes up to date anti virus protection, spy-ware removal tools, and Windows updates.

RTS Computing
Virus and Malicious Software Removal

Taking advantage of our fully equipped workshop, RTS Computing can detect and remove all types of viruses and malicious software from your Laptop or PC.

RTS Computing technicians come armed with the latest diagnostic tools and removers, as well as the knowledge and experience from dealing with thousands of infected computers in the past.

Once the malware is gone we make sure you have the latest updates and security software to minimise the chances of reinfection.

RTS Computing
Data Recovery Services

Our data recovery services provide professional recovery available to everyone. At first sight data may seem to be gone forever, however with specialised software recovery this may not be the case. RTS Computing understands the issues surrounding data privacy and guarantee full confidentiality and privacy with all data that’s recovered. No risks are taken that may worsen the problem and all care is taken to ensure the best results. If you’ve suffered devastating data loss and you’d like to know more about how you can have it recovered, contact RTS Computing as soon as possible and don’t try to retrieve the data yourself, it could do more harm than good.